Before It’s Too Late - Eric Gullotta

First steps to estate planning

I am often asked “What do I need to bring to my first estate planning meeting?” Although clients don’t “need” anything,... Continue

Keep your trust out of court

I have two matters in my office right now that are headed to court. What’s worse, both of these cases originate from the same trust.... Continue

Keeping your trust tuned up

Trusts are assets, at least you should think of them that way.  Trusts are like any other assets we own — they must be maintained... Continue

Planning for assets outside California

Many California residents own real estate outside of the state. They may have a second home in Arizona, an investment property in Oregon,... Continue

Updating your documents

One question I often get is, “When should I update my estate planning documents?” While there is no hard and fast rule, there are... Continue

Online estate planning

In the age of the internet, just about anything you can think of (and quite a few things you wouldn’t dream of) can be bought, sold,... Continue

Estate planning alleviates grief

By definition, if an estate plan is triggered, it is because of the death or serious disability of a family member or close friend. ... Continue

The government’s will

Many potential clients I meet with tell me that they are “not ready” to create a will yet. For one reason or another, they are... Continue

Estate planning without heirs

The simplest estate plans to create are those where a married couple has adult children and everyone gets along. The scheme is usually... Continue

Coordinate your IRA and trust

One often overlooked area of estate planning is your custodial accounts: individual retirement accounts (IRAs); 401(k)s, etc.; life... Continue